Visual Studio 2008 SP1 (Beta) Data service designer template

Linq Datasource designer in strongly named project

SP1 breaks performance explorer with 'Value does not fall within the expected range'

VisualStudio Express 2008 won't make new SQLServer 2008 Express file

VS 2008 Master Page strange behavior

Weird window flashing when editing an .asp page

Entity Framework Model Namespace problem

Do I need to uninstall VS 2008 Pro SP1 and reinstall it?

Expression Blend 2.0/2.5 & SP1 RTM

Problem with date displaying in different language

Setup project problem with .NET

Reporting Services reports will not utilize a URL parameter

Winforms app created in VS 2008 on Vista won't run on XP

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Entity Data Model Wizard closes

intellisense 236 installation manual

.NET Framework 3.5 SP1 Beta installation never finishes


How to debug and compile with C++2008 Edition

Visual Studio 2008 Hangs During Report Preview

SSRS written on Professional VS - not working on Standard

VS2008 SP1 Beta fails to add "new item - ADO.NET Entity Data Model" Item Template

Cannot add a ResourceDictionary to any WPF projects

Overload resolution failed because no accessible 'New' accepts this number of arguments.

Problem instaling VS2008SP1

DoEvents in C#

Unable to install Visual Studio 2008 SP1 gives this error 0x8002EE7

Is there a limitation to the number of existing items that can be added to a database project?

SP1 Upgrade has no effect, but there are no errors.

Create a UML Diagram from Visual Studio 2008... Problem with visio !

Update/Refresh Intellisense

Debugging problem after installing vs2008 sp1

Update to SP1: A compatible version of Visual Studio 2008 was not detected on the system.

'ICommDlgBrowser2' : base class undefined

Visual Studio 2008 sp1 Add new datasource screen is not showing up

VS2008 analysis project

VS 2008 SP1 error 0x80070643

error PRJ0003 : Error spawning 'resgen.exe'

using #include<unordered_map> to create a hash table; I get a fatal error that unordered_map is undefined

downloading vc++ 2008 express sp1-beta.

SP1 Beta Install Reports Success But Doesn't Install ADO.NET Entity Data Model or Data Service Designer Files

"Patch is not applicable" and workarrounds didn't help :-(

Warning: Failed to load IBC method when using "ngen.exe"

Visual Studio crashes when attempting to display the toolbox

Web Browser control in WPF, VS 2008 SP1 Beta

Bug Report: VS crash when click 'Active Files' list button

how i can find dead resource entries?

What the hell is up with the auto-completion context!?

ObjectDataSource code not generated

Connection string mystery.

Which do I download for Visual Web Developer 2008 Express w/ SP1?!

Astoundingly bad performance debugging template code

Failed Installation when installing VS2008 SP1(Beta)

Entity framework data binding question

AccessViolationException when a program compiled in VS2008 calls a function from a DLL that was compiled in VS2003

Estimated release date for DataGrid?

Connecting Visual Web Dev 2008 SP1 express to Sql server 2008 Express RC0

Visual Studio 2008 How to validate a TextBox

"VS 2008 has stopped working" on exit

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