Microsoft adCenter: Development

Order update issue

BudgetSummaryReportRequest v5 ReportAggregation

Sandbox downtime scheduled today

Error while trying to create Order using MSN adCenter API v4

Error -199999 When Running Reports via the API

V5 Production release?

Learn about adCenter API V5 upgrade during office hours webcasts

Reminder: Discuss API Upgrade at 1 P.M. Pacific Tuesday

Ask Your Advertising API Roadmap Questions Here

Unwanted change in AdCenterOrderItem while update using updateOrderItems() API

Content keywords are being reported as Broad match

AddCampaigns and AddOrders work OK but nothing in Sandbox

limit in sending request of "Get by Object ID APIs"

Java clients and API version 5

BatchError instead of EditorialError in V5?

Does AdCenter V5 return all the errors or only the first error for batch operations?

ad center API

Installing New SSL Cert for Java API Customers

Issue with SSL Certificates

adCenter API Production SSL Certificate Change February 21, 2007

Random Errors - 4/1/2007

[SOLVED] API returning error messages when everything works!

What EntityResultType Object will have if it is updation or deletion operation

How to speed up the retrieval process of all keyword bidding information?

Required / Optional Fields for AdCenter API

Efficiently Updating Bids

Debugging Web Service Calls

API Unauthorized access error

Help with KeywordPerformanceReportRequest

Reports not being populated?

AccountId optional in Keyword Performance report?

Doc issue with sample SOAP request and response links

WSDLs 404?

Feature request: IDs in report output

How do I find out how much quota a particular api uses?

Not Getting the Report

Report Request Example


What is the uniqueness criteria for order item ids?

Status property on AdCenterCampaign

The message with Action '' cannot be processed ... need help resolving

Text Ad: how can I configure to use Keyword destination URL?

how to connect acces with vb

What is the most efficient way of obtaining a snapshot of multiple accounts?

Doubts regarding Account data object.

About using Microsoft adCenter API

About MICROSOFT Award e-mail Draw NOVEMBER 1st 2010

Using a JSON request in AdCenter

Certificate validation failed in ygames

cannot access ONLINE COMERCIAL INTENT on your website

how to move project made by visualbasic2008 with all it's component specially videos to work in another computer

Unable to aggregate ConversionPerformanceReport by BidMatchType

Getting PKIX path building failed:

Wix Setup project

Getting error while accessing adcenter api

An Internal Error has occured

v7 campaign management wsdl appears malformed...

Getting AdGroup and Keyword "Stats"

What is the difference between: Access Key, DeveloperToken, CustomerId, CustomerAccountId, ApplicationToken, AccountId

token for adCenter API use??

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Targeting orders using MetroArea Target
order item deleted or unmodified?
Has anyone configured Apache Axis TCPMonitor to monitor Soap messages?
Sandbox getAccounts() error


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