Building Development and Diagnostic Tools for .Net

Dumping debug information without breaking execution

hiiii. I need help

Can someone help me with remote processes?

Memory Reading from a .NET program

How to get CLR thread state from ICorProfiler

Performance Data Helper or System.Diagnostics?

DoStackSnapshot crash on x64

Problem with showing Toltip on DataGridView Column Headers .NET 3.5

Best Book on Using .NET for Creating Windows Controls

Issue regarding renderring of Interface

ObjectID retrieval problems

Garbage collection synchronization problem

How to terminate debugging?

How to get to a FuncEval safe point?

Profiling API - Problems Processing Exception Unwind / Mixed Application

Profling API - Catching Caller Information of Asynchronous Calls

YourKit Profiler 4.0 for .NET released

How to use the Break and BreakPoint functions in the ICorDebugManagedCallback interface

Help to get started on a process blocker tool for work

Windows Service Crashes and JIT debug

IMetaDataAssemblyImport using OpenScopeOnMemory

Access Violation in CordbJITILFrame::GetArgument

implementing ul box instruction etc.

Using DefineMethod in profiling API ModuleLoadFinished very hard to do?

Using DefineMethod in profiling API

embed other projects at compile

dll base address

Does FuntionLeave hook means that function is not any more in stack?

0xfeefee Thoughts

Any solution for memory leak with remote performance monitor

Thread multitasking

monitor an unmanaged .dll in .net

debugger (mdbg lib) vs profiler ...

How to do compile /platform with Assembly builder

Stacktrace Monitoring

Assemble .net Program

System wide CLR Global Exception Monitoring

CLR Profiler update?

IronPython output is missing

Regenerating code from an existing assembly

ICorProfilerCallback::Shutdown not called

Dotfuscator 3.0 doesn't work

Executing Native Code From A Managed Thread

Re: Debugging mscorwks

Debugging mscorwks

Multiple Managed Debugging Sessions under one ICorDebugInterface

help debug a 1.1 process

ICorDebug and "Debugger Users"

Interop Debugging with ICorDebug

TCP sniffer

How to change method at runtime.

SetIlFunctionBody. How to free memory of old body

ICorProfilerCallback learning : Please help get me started


Multithread stepping

Attaching multiple debuggers to a target (Re: Multithread stepping)

NUnit test is only successful when breakpoint is hit

Watching Your Step

Debugging C# scripts with Mdbg

Error Launching the Framework MDbg debugger

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IL offset to source code (line numbers)
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