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Download PDF documents to the directory to retain links

Byte Array diagram formatting is richer in PDF version

Who are the intended audiences for the documentation?

What are the goals of the Technical Documentation?

How is the documentation organized?

Where should I start?

How do these documents relate to previous programs like Microsoft Communications Protocol Program or Work Group Server Program?

Why are there duplicated documents in the documentation set?

What is the list of Overview documents?

What is the list of Reference documents?

What tools or utilities are available with the documentation?

How can developers submit document-related issues?

Are there additional support options for implementers of the Open Protocols?

When Dexplorer version of specifications will be available?

Re: Where should I start?

Software distributing and Patent Pledge

Who can provide Windows Server Source Code name List about mcpp? Thanks!

MS-ASHTTP Exchange ActiveSync HTTP Protocol - allowable user names for authentication

Migrating html and aspx files

How can activate the function _xlfn.NORM.DIST?

[MS-NLMP / MS-NTHT] Determining NTLM v1 or v2 in HTTP authentication

Deleting emails did not reduce size of Outlook 2007 PST

OpenMsgStore returns MAPI_E_LOGON_FAILED (0x80040111)

Microsoft Xpress Compression\Decompression

NTLMv1 authentication fails over LDAP (SASL/GSS-SPNEGO)

running win32 application on win64

MSDN Windows Release Notes — September 2011

DAO CurrentProject vs. CurrentDb

MSDN Exchange Server Protocols Release Notes - October 2011

MSDN Exchange Server Protocols Release Notes — October 2011

set_value api returns an exception

Strange problem with Embedded Cursors

MSDN SQL Release Notes — November 2011

MSDN SQL Release Notes — November 2011

Windows Phone 7 HTML5 support..

High Level SysAdmin resigns...Mitigating Risk!!

AzAuthorizationStoreClass.Initialize throws exception "Value does not fall within the expected range."

Using .netrc file on Windows for login automation

New Prototype Open Specifications Home Page Available

windows 7 home premium sp1 preloaded error 80070025

chinese version for the Rich Text Format (RTF) Specification Version 1.9.1

MSDN Office Release Notes - June 2015

MSDN Exchange Server Release Notes - June 2015

MSDN SQL Server Release Notes - June 2015


about my surface updates

Unable to copy file using WUDT Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool

MSDN SQL Server Release Notes - July 2015

How interpretation MS-EMF Header object properties - Bounds, Frame, Device and Millimeters?

How interpret MS-EMF BitmapBuffer structures?



How to understand Wmf BitCount Enumeration BI_BITCOUNT_5 ?

Windows 10 OpenGL

MSDN Office Release Notes - August 2015

NTLMv1 authentication fails over LDAP (SASL/GSS-SPNEGO)

Direct x3

Do I need a patent license to use the Open Specifications?

Are there additional support options for implementers of the Open Specifications?

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