WebsitePanel - Discussions

Change customer login

How to request a Feature

[Feature]: (FIle permission) admin checks

FEATURE : Mailenable postoffice status when in cancel mode

SmarterMail 8 with WebSitePanel 1.1.0

Good Alternatives to WebsitePanel

New to WebsitePanel.

How can I add Webmail on website panel

Multible Hostingspaces under same user

Active Directory - Accounts per site and OU per user?

FEATURE: Set Performance Settings like BW & Limit Connection

MDaemon v12 with WSP v1.1?

Extensionless Urls

Possible to disable catch-all for hmail server?

Login to control panel through "/webpanel"

Can't access domain name:9001 from outside.

"D:\hostingspace" is full. wanna switch to a new drive....

WebsitePanel 1.2.0 Released

FEATURE: Ability to add SRV record in DNS

Which hosts support it?

Error when when I am trying to create or import a VPS

Feature: Database Diskusage Total of xx

Project Dead?

Change HostingSpaces

Active Directory considerations

Is there a way to make the Edit File window in the Websitepanel file manager bigger?

shortcut not coming under startmenu programs files

Using Visual Studio 2008 to update ASP pages, like Frontpage or Expressions

File Permission problems

WebsitePanel 1.1.2

FEATURE/SUGGESTION: Binding for dedicated IP could also contain bindings for shared IP

WebsitePanel 1.1.2 Released!

Will MS release only beta versions of WSP :) ?

Add many users to one hosting space

Issues with panel

How to execute tsql command on my database?

disable zooming facility in html

What is going on with development???

[FEATURE] IPv6 Support with AAAA Records available in DNS Editor

Exchange 2010 SP1 /hosting

Creating Forwarders with multiple recipients

FEATURE - SPF Record Support in DNS Editor for Simple DNS

[BUG] Issue with no allowed web site.

MailEnable VS SmarterMail

FEATURE: Prepend database names with client user name.

FEATURE: Change the way how passwords are stored in WSP Enterprise DB.

Creating Applications to install?

FEATURE: Exchange 2010 On Server Archive

WSp 1.1 and ftp 6

Does someone tried to use SmarterMail 8.x beta with currecnt WSP SmarterMail 7.x provider?

[Bug?] Dot character (".") in MySQL DB name generates error

Not able to access Website Panel

FEATURE: Having possibility to enable archiving support in WSP for SmarterMail domains.

application packaging standard

WSP 1.2.0 Beta Released!

Distributing disk usage between website, email and databases

FEATURE: automatic database backup to external ftp


cross site scripting

How do you handle deleting MSSQL databases using SQL Server Management Studio?

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New Version features, fixes and changes (Roadmap)
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Need for Online Backup as a feature in WebsitePanel?
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internal domain names on WebsitePanel Instllation
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