Microsoft Robotics - Decentralized Software Services (DSS)

Helper class access to CCR parallelism

How to create a custom DSSP operation based on a Query?

Querying Non-Existent DSSNode Halts System

Using WPF and MRDS??

Unable to comunicate 2 services!

'<global namespace>' contains definition conflicting with the alias 'gptg'

Newbie trying to write a service for joystick and servo controller

starting up the xbox controller service

Delete a subscriber from subscription manager when notifications failed

Can we access from a CF project to a non CF?

Dssproxy.exe error “portset is invalid. A must preceed B”

XSLT syntax for lists of lists of lists ...

Creating a custom User Interface

unable to load public field type?

Asymmetric subscriptions (newbie question)

Unable to have 2 operations with same Update inheritance

Service shutdown

Dssp Operation handler type is not on the operations port.

Can't start http://localhost:50000/Model/VPLTutorial

How are ports linked together?

Clarification on DSS design

serviceforwarder port in console app does not receive posts

Service Tutorial clone

How does DSSProxy.exe work?

How to receive DSS service notifications from within a console application?

After Ctrl+C in DSS window, debugger goes to No Source Available

Problems adding two robots!

Cannot Access (User) Kinect DSS Service Page After posting to another service

DssProxy unable to generate proxy

Lync client integration issue

Service selection with DSS

Operation opposite to the MainPortInterleave.CombineWith

How do I write a url from this POST form

How to tell my service to exit?

How to get NXT color sensor update notifications in C#?

Dss Manifest Editor and Initial State

I can't connect to remote computer ( using a web browser on the second computer(hhtp://

Referencing error with proxy.

Deploy services on different node

DSS Hosting Tutorial Links broken

DSS serialization of byte[]

How do I add a Window (WPF) file to my RDS project?

This partner is not defined by the service!

How to pause speech recognition

Attribute setting for DSS proxy generation

Why are DsspOperation timestamps empty?

TextToSpeechState empty

Hot swapping the service DLL


"Simulation Director" service

warning : The type System.Drawing.Bitmap is used as a member type but cannot be deeply cloned. Consider implementing IDssSerializable on that type.

MRDS c# Tutorial #1 Runtime Failure

Building a service for a HiTechnic prototypeboard.

How to safely drop a DSS service

Getting subscriber information for a non DSS service

Scripting Robotics Studio

Manifest fails to load services because Microsoft.Dss.Base.XmlSerializers, Version= fails to load

delete posts

DSS Node

Potential re-cloning when transferring Bitmap images via DSS

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