Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

Workaround for Excel 2002/2003 UDFs recalculating and changing cells

PPT Thumbnail show in list view using VBA

getting feedback from a thirdparty application

VBA Windows Event Handlers

Attach a file using a macro to an e-mail generated using .MailEnvelope code

List Box selection, want to copy all data in the worksheet that matches the selection to another worksheet

How do I drag-n-drop command buttons in Excel?

Excel 2003, 2007 VBA Error 13 Type Mismatch when executing Application.Quit

Resume PP Show at Correct Slide

How to prevent Documents.Open (Word VBA) from connecting to Server

How to capture the FIND result?

AutoFilter Reference criteria

Excel VBA - For Each Next Question (How to go to The Top of The For Loop)

how to change the functions' name automatic or other workarround in excel?

How to connect to a website that requires username and password?

Word VBA - Multiline text box & indentation

DoCmd.Spreadsheet vs Macro

Line break in vba word macro-

How Can I Create 10 Nondefault Instances of an Access Form using a variable for the Form’s name.

Problem with Worksheet_SelectionChange Event

Spell checker does not highlight cells when invoked from a macro

Unable to indent paragraphs in a table using VBA in PowerPoint 2007

Error 429 "ActiveX Can't Create Object"

How can we enable tracking changes in excel using vbscript or macro

How to add 2 colors in a cell or range in excel 2007?

SelectSingleNode fails with MSXML2.DOMDocument60 but not with MSXML2.DOMDocument26 and below

Multithreading forms COM class

Printer Tray Selection

Is it possible to create new symbols in Excel 2007?

Filenames of PowerPoint Thumbnail files

Intersect change

Word 2003 - Startup Macro Not Loading When Network Location Is Specified

VBA Call WebServices in Excel. How to handle the returned/inputed empty complex array?

insertrowrange always returns nothing in Excel 2007 vba

data validation through vba online

VBA control of the Velleman K8055

Run Time Error 1004 - Method Range of Object _Global Failed

Immediately Access New Text Box Value

Formula does not calculate

Import excel data over internet

Open multiple excel files in same folder

Help in Access (2003) of VBA needed.

Help with next empty cell

Importing a PowerPoint slide into an Excel 2007 worksheet

[URGENT] inserting values into a custom shape

Using Active Directory for MS Access Security

ThisWorkbook.UserStatus not refreshing

Remove save prompt on running ppsm file

Excel calls to Sql Stored Procedure

Cell Protection

Select All Deselect All chackbox

(VBA) In Outlook Custom Form Dependent Combo Box's

Normal.dotm and

VBA: Find apply the xmlnotes.add

Is there any way to detect callback functions declaration mismatch?

graphic for msoControlButton

Access 2003 - Chsnged behavior

seriescollection.count do not reset

Add-ins problem in Excel generated by Word Macro

Case Sensitivity Issue

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