Azure Scripting and Command Line Tools

Deploy a Custom Script to reset the sudoers file

Creating Powershell Logs

Set-AzureRmVMDiagnosticsExtension fails by timing out

Change Virtual Network properties (DNS) after creation

azure site deploymentscript

azure cli failed in Ubuntu - /usr/local/azure/node: bad interpreter: No such file or directory`

Cannot move resource group (or individual resources) to different Subscription

R Error 0063 during the evaluation of R script: error code 1 from Lapack routine 'dgesdd'

Error - NAV2016 on Azure


Azure Resource Manager - Move from one Azure subscription to another Azure Subscription

NAV 2016 Example Scripts for Azure broken

WebPI Offline Update is failing with error about eula.rtf

Build new Azure subscription from scratch using CLI

Trying to deploy a VM using PowerShell

What is the ARM equivalent of Get-AzureWinRMUri?

Azure CLI: Cannot login with username and password

"ComponentUri is required and has to be a valid component resource ID" for Application Insights' Synthetic Monitor parameter

Azure SDK - unable to find/install into Visual Studio 2015

How to interact with azure EA subscription accounts?

Publish-AzureWebsiteProject: Could not connect to the remote computer

TCP Socket Client fails to connect to Socket Server App in azure Windows VM.

Powershell: Connect to Office365 and Identify Office365 IP

azure login doesnt log me in

New-AzureDeployment : BadRequest: The certificate with thumbprint xxx was not found

Bug in select-azuresubscription?

Virtual machine with multiple NICs in Azure stuck in Running (Provisioning)

Best way to connect to REST APIs in linux/ruby?

AzureAccount - Powershell Subscriptions

The resource operation completed with terminal provisioning state 'Failed'.

Powershell automation and AD authentication

Assign permissions on a folder inside a website project deployed in Azure to a particular Windows Azure Active Directory (WAAD) or Office 365 user.

Latest Azure Image doesn't allow DSC to run

Azure Powershell Issue- Get-MsolUser -all -searchstring

Microsoft Azure Java SDK - SkuOption Premium is missing in

Script to Change LocalNet VPN Gateway

DSC Extension failing to install

Old Versions of the Azure SDK

Unable to add role in existing deployment


How to run Azure Powershell commandlets in a C# application to query Azure databases

Cloud Service: Powershell Error while waiting for Role to Start

Azure Powershell Command - appears undocumented.. Set-AzureReservedIPAssociation

PowerShell issues

How to download client VPN package by C#

Azure IASS Automation using chef

Emulator not running

Example PowerShell scripts for Resource Manager mode

How do you create VM in resource group with old Service Management PowerShell scripts?

Azure PowerShell Commands

Unable to log in Azure Linux VM using username and password

Programatically Set Partner of Record for Azure

Importing Azure Account into WebMatrix

Can we create new virtual machine on azure using azure sdk for php using zip file

Using conditional statements when provisioning VMs

Connecting to Node.js server on azure virtual machine

What should be the value for -SSHKeyPairs parameter

Error trying to push a git repository with Visual Studio Monaco

how we create .cspack and cscfg and csdef file for deployement service for azure sdk for php

Error: Cannot get Azure subscription ID and thumbprint. Failed in New-FirewallRuleForWebsite in New-AzureSql.ps1

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Existing Vnet & existing Storage Account json HELP
What's the advantages of Power Shell over Azure portal?
User Matching error when using the Add-AzureAccount Command
Problem with: "Install-Module -Name AzureDiagnosticsAndLogAnalytics" Help me !!!, please
ERROR: Invalid syntax.
Get-UsageAggregates $_.Properties.Quantity is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet


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