General Office Development

BackstageView in Office 2016 ignores certain Ribbon callbacks

How to use contents of a VBA dictionary/array in a SQLServer database "join"?

Psuedo code

CNFEXP File Extension

Portable application for viewing Outlook PST file.

Querying CustomXMLNodes in CustomXMLParts using an xPath in Office 2016 is failing

Windows 10 + Outlook 2016 COM Addin problem

One-click - can I silently update clients?

Install Office Primary Interop Assemblies

MS Project Ribbon Control

MS Word (RTF) text in nvarchar(max) MSSQL Server

Custom add-in for my organisation in Office 365?

Is a REST method available for creating channels in Office 365 Video application using .NET

MS Project & missing "AfterTaskMove" event

how does my customer buy outlook 365 add in?

Developing custom RMS server utilizing Office IRM

I do not want to automatic change ( *--> big dot).

Need Assistance

VB to open ppt, paste, save, close?

Is there any replacement for DSOFramer in latest visual studio for loading office documents?

PowerPoint: Check whether format painter is active

Office 365 - REST and Client API calls for Shareable Links and Item Permissions?

Can't install Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.dll

How to get client secret from azure active directory for native app for using one drive business API?

Including Web search results in Task Pane in Office App

Android O365 SDK for silent token

Parameters for COM/Excel Chart.Export in C++

The Dsofile.dll files not reading the Office 2013 document properties.

Contenttype not set when using savAs in Word

How to disable the the new screen capture function in Office 2010 applications through the VB code?

Problem siging up for free 1 year O365 developer tenant

Random number generator

Office 365 Calendar REST API's

Powerpoint - Autoupdate embeded excel formulas during slide show

Could not use SaveAs for the read only file - Word 2013

C# How to develop Visio2010(visual studio2013)

How to get office365 popularity trends report details in C#?

How to copy formatted text from a Table Cell to clipboard...without pasting as a Table Cell

Question about Visual Studio, MSDN, and office

Getting issue in C# code to read PPT file

Powerpoint 2010 sometimes skipping an animation

Office 2007 VBA Interoperability / Library?

Customising the shared add-in setup file

Pass parameters to Visio Web Access webpart in SharePoint 2010

Track Changes in Word

Reading word document properties using Csharp

Issue with Office Web Components for Office 2010 on Windows 7

In a dial-monitor system, finding out on which monitor a PowerPoint slideshow is displayed.

Proper use of Publisher LockAspectRatio

Looking for Test automation framework/tools that can be used to test Powerpoint 2007 add-in

Implement custom theme

Is there a quick way to trigger macros in PowerPoint?

To seperate document from code

Visio Add-in: XP orphaning the process, Windows 7 has no issues.

Infopath Checkbox question - does a default value need to be always selected?

How can a piece of VBA find out the name of the document it is executing from?

How to access application object from Ribbon click event

MODI in Office 2010

Office Professional Retail absent in downloads

Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component

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