Windows Desktop Web Services API (webservices.dll)

Array parameter

Failure retrieving object arrays

How to convert BYTE** to WS_XML_BUFFER**?

Http Server Api (http.sys) Connection Keep Alive Header

Specify policy name withing client for server validation

Mobile Emulator yields "Could not establish connection to network"

wwsapi Concurrency model.

How to change default icon for .dll file to custom

Unable to debug WWSAPI (WCF hosted) from native client

What is the redist rights these days for Windows Server 2008?

Wssapi performance issues

Equivalent of UseDefaultCredentials?

Missing value from WS_CHANNEL_BINDING enum

Problem in creating service proxy class for a c++ client application for a Exchange web service


Query : Using WWSAPI to Access Exchange Web Server ( Exchange Version : Exchange2007_SP1)

Distinguish between the clients on the server

Installing webservice.dll on XP

RequestedView of FreeBusyViewOptionsType in Exchange web service

Error on Reading calender information using WWSAPI ?

ws discovery

handling an [out] array

WWS return array gives only element



webservice exe and automated task (not dll)

Web service Timeout

Webpage filtering

How to user a SSL secured webservice with a winform client? got a error message :(

WP7 Mango - NTLM authentication

What process is csrss.exe and why is it not able to end process in task manager process tab? Is this a trojan or grayware?

OCSP request

Lack of performance consuming Java Web Services in .net

WWSAPI for ForeFront TMG

How to debug WWS? (Unable to start program ...)

Windows Web Service (WWS) vs WCF vs WSDL for native C++

Pass XML Structure as SOAP-Header in Webservice-Call

The windows service did not uninstall the program

How to solve ActionNotSupported error from svcutil for nettcpbinding?

How to obtain authorization info from httpreceivehttprequest

Include raw XML in a WsCall parameter

What did I do wrong against WsGetHeapProperty to get the size of WS heap?

How to deploy WWS to IIS?

webservices.lib load problem

errorCode=0x803d000e, The remote endpoint is not currently in service at this location, while using Windows SDK 7.0.

WWS changing % encoding of URI?

WsRequestReply get E_INVALIDARG ?

Unable to generate a C file from a WSDL file using WSUtil.exe error WSUTIL0068

WWSAPI Calculator-Example: user agent of browser causes error

Silverlight can't talk to WWS service

WWSAPI - How to add From & ReplyTo headers

Anyone know where to find the actual XML Response in memory?

Training Materials available for WWSAPI?

How can I handle a Fault when using WWSAPI?

Getting the IP Address of a WSD device

got error when i try to run my WebService

got error when i try to run my WebService on Windows-7 64bit

WWS Service Does Not Work Behind NAT'd Firewall

IIS on windows 7 and 8 problems!

how to repair WMI , WMI error out while installing sql server 2012

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encoded 'BEL' character in XML causes HTTP 400 error?
How to set proxy correctly?
Irregular errors on WebService that work with Windows-CE Terminal
WsCreateService proxy for reliable WCF session
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