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IoT Remote Client update version 1.0.9 is unusable! Displays black screen.

I do hope Microsoft Developers read this forum.
The latest version (1.0.9) of "Windows IoT Remote Client" is completely worthless. This morning a new "update" of this app was forced upon us. Now it opens up as a black screen with two empty white boxes. The "Connect" button
is still there, but not visible because of the black screen. If you click on the hidden "connect" button, the app dies.
I've uninstalled it, Rebooted, and reinstalled it. No change. It still dies and still displays a black screen.
The app updated itself (another reason to HATE metro) on 5/15/2016 and hasn't worked since.
I'm trying to get some work done, and some programmer at Microsoft felt that adding "THEMES" would be a good idea.
I've submitted an update of the app to the store.
The issue was introduced when we made what appeared to be an innocent change to respect the user's selection of the Dark or Light Themes. Different versions of Win10 respect that setting differently than expected, which contributed to this error. We've forced
the theme to Light until we can identify a method of respecting the user's theme which works on all supported versions.
The Crash you were witnessing on 10240 was related to the keyboard support. The code was referencing a keyboard hook API which isn't available on 10240. It did not fail gracefully. This has also been fixed.
clean install of #14328
the latest Remote Client (1.0.9) only shows a white screen but mouse movements are transferred (as i can see on hdmi connected monitor)
Windows IoT Remote Client 1.0.9 works for me (except the DragonBoard) on Windows #14295 and #14342, the IoT Devices are using #14328 but my Remote Client App use the Light Theme
as its pre-release software i recommend to use a hdmi monitor and usb keyboard/mouse
Tried the “Light Theme”. No change. It’s still Dark and crashes a few seconds after you click the hidden “connect” button.
Version 1.0.9 works fine on a different computer .. it was updated on 5/5/2016. It hasn’t received the “Bad Update” yet.
The app on this computer was automatically updated from the Windows Store at 2:36 PM CST on 5/15/2016. Hasn’t worked since the automatic update.
Hope your machine doesn’t get the update !!
Hi Dondo,
You said updated buy the Windows Store? What version of the OS are you running? What device are you targeting? Can you provide the build number of your version of your OS both before and after update?
If you are running a pre-release of the OS you should set your expectations accordingly but if you want to post directly to the developers of Windows OS (Regarding Metro for instance) I suggest you join Windows Insiders (
as those Insider forums are monitored by the owners of the Windows OS as a whole. This forums targeted for third party Developers developing on IoT Core.
UPDATE: I have sent an email asking folks from the IoTCore team to take a look but the more info you could provide regarding how they might see your issue would be quite helpful.
PS: Maybe having the template to complete will help you define your issue so that someone at Microsoft can reproduce it on their device.
What Computers, OS and devices are involved with this repro? How are they connected?
What steps would someone else need to follow to see the issue?
What did you Expect to happen?
What did Actually happen?
Any other details/workarounds potentially related info
If you could fill out the template with as much detail as possible, it might give helpful folks a better starting point.
Thanks IoTGirl !! Good idea.
I am running Windows 10 (Build 10240). This afternoon, my machine said that it needed to restart for a Windows update. So ... I let it restart. After that, the "IoT Remote Client" stopped working. When I looked in "C:/Program Files/Windows
Apps/Microsoft.IoTRemoteClient_1.0.9.0_*", it showed a date of 2:36 PM today. It was updated automatically. And so was Solitare, some Xbox app (I don't even own an Xbox), OneNote, and a few other Universal Apps.
When I start the "IoT Remote Client" app it looks black except for two boxes (the discovered devices dropdown and the IP address box). The "Connect" button is still there, but you cannot se it at all. If I click where it is supposed to
be, the app acts like it is connecting, then about 10 seconds later it dies ... every time. I have uninstalled it, rebooted, reinstalled, applied a new Windows Theme ... no change it still dies every time.
I did notice if I download a new Windows theme from the web and select it, the "IoT Remote Client" changes back to the white background for a bit, but it still dies each time I select Connect. And the next time it runs ... its black again.
It doesn't seem to matter what device I try to connect to ... or any device at all. I can put a bogus IP in, or a real IP for a Raspberry. It still dies a few seconds after clicking "Connect". The actual device I am targeting is a Raspberry Pi
3 B+ running IoT 10.0.14328.1000. "IoT Remote Client" worked great 20 seconds BEFORE I let the machine restart for an update. It worked just fine remotely accessing the same Raspberry with the same OS just before the update.
I have multiple development machines. Another identical machine at the office has not received the "Automatic Update". The "IoT Remote Client" on that machine still works just fine. It has a date & time stamp of May 5 2016. I am hoping
it doesn't die too. I REALLY need to get some work done.
I really love the direction that Microsoft has taken with IoT. It is a revolutionary advancement in embedded systems development! I am in the process of switching all our embedded development over to Windows 10 IoT (except for the very, very small custom
Wish I could post a video or screen shot here of this "IoT Remote Client" issue. But I don't see any way to post it. If anyone from Microsoft wants to take a look at this machine or have me test something. Please ... just ask !!
Thanks IoTGirl,
Good idea! I posted the details, but after clicking submit, I got an error message stating that my post was being blocked for review. Maybe I posted too much details ???
Hopefully someone will review my post and let it get added to the forum tomorrow.
Hi Don,
Your post has been added and I have emailed the IoT Team regarding the update. Out of curiosity, can you try the following?
Rename/move the recently updated versionCopy the version from your working environment to your broken environmentStart the copied version
Does restoring the previous copy work? Your experience sounds like you may have a corrupt file. Do you have a files size value from "C:/Program Files/Windows Apps/Microsoft.IoTRemoteClient_1.0.9.0_*" you can share as well? How does it
compare to the working file sizes?
Sincerest thanks,
We're waiting on a fix from Qualcomm for the DragonBoard media stack. We turned on support for Hardware encoders to enable other scenarios. The Qualcomm H.264 encoder fails setting some required properties.
Hi Don,
I have asked the IoT Team about your issue and they have some thoughts:
1. You are running a very early version of Windows on your desktop (10240). If you compare this to the machine that is working, are they both running that old of an OS? (Note that the Windows Insiders versions are all above 14000)
2. Black/Dark theme was not supported in the early Windows versions so there was a hack to force enable it. If you still have that hack in place you should remove it as it may be partly at fault for this issue.
3. The crash is interesting and may be related to an IoTCore keyboard hook which was added in 10586. There is a pending change to remove that specific instance because in some circumstances, it crashes on shutdown on 10586.
UPDATE: To put it more directly, the current code respects whatever theme the OS is set to support and that seems to be a problem with 10240. The recent change that both you (Dark Theme) and Cyberh0me (Light Theme) are hitting seem to
be that the previous version of Remote Client forced the Light Theme but 10240 did not support themes fully.
#IoTGirl are you sure the topic is the same?
this topic handles an issue with a non working remote display client on one pc and a pi as target
where is the relation to dragonboard and h264?
#cyberH0me. I am pretty sure. If you feel they are different, can you create a new thread using the template that shows the details of your repro that are different than this? It seems the Windows 10 version of your desktop is what is
key. Are you running 10586 on your dev Machine? The current theory is that if you are running 10240 on your desktop then your mileage may vary.
as already mentioned my remote display client 1.0.9 works without issues on 3 different devices with 3 different builds with a pi but only fails with a dragonboard, i dont see the relation?
Hi Don & CyberH0me,
The IoT Team are working on 1.0.10 that will address:
1. The limitation of Theme Availability in Windows 10 version 10240
2. The Keyboard crash.
In the mean time, please use your copy of the previous version
PS: Please do consider upgrading away from 10240 as the plan for 1.0.11 will to only push that update to builds 10586 and higher.
I've submitted an update of the app to the store.
The issue was introduced when we made what appeared to be an innocent change to respect the user's selection of the Dark or Light Themes. Different versions of Win10 respect that setting differently than expected, which contributed to this error. We've forced
the theme to Light until we can identify a method of respecting the user's theme which works on all supported versions.
The Crash you were witnessing on 10240 was related to the keyboard support. The code was referencing a keyboard hook API which isn't available on 10240. It did not fail gracefully. This has also been fixed.
Thanks so much for the quick turn around Lou! I have marked Lou's response as the answer but would appreciate confirmation from Dondo & CyberH0me as well.
Wow !!
Thanks for the REALLY QUICK update. I'm traveling this week, but will test it as soon as I get home on Saturday.
Once again ... thanks for the fast response.
Windows IoT has changed the way we develop embedded applications. It's fantastic !
All fixed !!
Thanks for the quick update.
Excellent! Thank you for the confirmation!

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